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ATLANTIS Engineering has been constantly investing for fifteen years in research and development to exploit new technological opportunities and product development.

The Research & Development Department works with leading research centers and companies in Greece and Europe for addressing challenges in all areas of interest, such as holistic organization of maintenance, intelligent decision systems, the World Class Manufacturing, energy management, education and skills certification, etc.

The R&D Department is experienced in EU, national and privately funded projects, mainly in the field of maintenance and asset management, decision support systems, machine learning and artificial intelligence, as well as in e-learning and vocational training. We are distinguished for the high quality of services we provide.

Indicative projects

  1. H2020 – SME Instrument Phase 1(Coordinator) mainDSS, innovative intelligent decision support system for the Maintenance and Asset Management sector.


  1. H2020 – Composition (Partner) Development of integrated information management system (IIMS) combining physical world, simulation, planning and forecasting data to enhance reconfigurability, scalability and optimisation of resources and processes inside the factory.


  1. H2020 – Z-Fact0r (Partner) The Z-Fact0r supply chain concept is to provide new solutions addressing the zero-defect manufacturing (ZDM) requirements, to bring innovative products to the market and to face future challenges regarding standards and legislation.


  1. H2020 –Boost 4.0

Boost 4.0 is the biggest European initiative in Big Data for Industry 4.0. It will lead the construction of the European Industrial Data Space to improve the competitiveness of Industry 4.0 and will guide the European manufacturing industry in the introduction of Big Data in the factory, providing the industrial sector with the necessary tools to obtain the maximum benefit of Big Data.


  1. H2020 –Z-Bre4k 

Z-Bre4k will produce a novel predictive maintenance platform to eliminate unexpected-breakdowns and extend the life of production systems. Three systems will be integrated as a cognitive predictive maintenance framework.


  1. H2020 – IQONIC

Scalable zero defect manufacturing platform covering the overall process chain of optoelectrical parts’ production. IQONIC leverages IIoT and data-management platforms, orchestrating the process chain through eight (8) scalable strategies at component, work-station and shopfloor level.

  1. H2020 – SatisFactory(Partner) Development of innovative techniques for fostering, productivity and planning work in the factories production lines, enhancing their flexibility by supporting employees’ interactions and worker satisfaction.


  1. GSRT– WelCOM  (Partner) The WelCOM project offers methods, tools and services to facilitate the implementation of a Condition – Based Maintenance Strategy (CBM), by implementing Condition Monitoring (CM) via a flexible toolset of solutions based on Wireless Sensor Network platforms and Mobile Devices.


9. FOSS4SMEs – Erasmus Plus KA2 VET (Coordinator) Development of a free online educational resource for managers and staff of European SMEs to equip them with the skills and competences to properly use Free and Open Source Software and improve their digital performances and competitiveness.


  1. GSRT–ECO-Building(Partner) Holistic approach to energy consumption in commercial buildings incorporating processes for physical asset management, installation works and business processes with usage patterns through intelligent decision support systems.


11. FAME – Erasmus Plus KA2 VET FAME (Fostering the adoption of ICT-enabled Advanced Manufacturing Technologies) project develops an innovative training framework comprising a modular training course along with online and conventional training materials to help SMEs adopt advanced manufacturing techniques.


12. H2020 – QU4LITY QU4LITY will demonstrate, in a realistic, measurable, and replicable way an open, certifiable and highly standardised, SME-friendly and transformative shared data-driven ZDM product and service model for Factory 4.0 through 5 strategic ZDM plug & control lighthouse equipment pilots and 9 production lighthouse facility pilots.


13.GSRT – PREDICT: PREDICT aims to improve preventive maintenance on shop floors, using modern tools and techniques. The project uses embedded sensors, new sensors based on IoT and high-speed cameras for data collection. All sensor data is fed to machine learning algorithms which predict failures in recent time periods. A prediction fusion mechanism finds the best prediction to send to a DSS, which triggers the predictive maintenance procedures and timely notifies the end user.


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