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AIMMS – Technology

Web based & mobile app.

AIMMS is developed exclusively on Web technologies, simplifying the installation and use procedures. In addition, native applications for Android and iOS mobile devices are available to support remote access and portable devices providing additional flexibility in the operation of maintenance department.

Database agnostic

The system data management can be done by using any Database Management System (including Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, etc.). So you can stay in the technologies with which you are already familiar and reduce the total cost of managing your infrastructure.


The basic functions of the application are divided into a number of layers (tiers), which work together in order to produce the desired characteristics of the application. Each of the layers can provide services operating either at the same or at a separate computational environment to the other, thus enabling separation of duties, operational support in a distributed environment and scaling of the system in case of need for increased workload assistance.

 Service-Oriented Architecture

The features of the application are grouped into single logical units are provided in the form of services. This provides increased maintainability to the applications, because services and service users are decoupled and potential “consumption” of services from systems operating on different platforms or developed with different tools.


Using RESTful API ensures effective communication with heterogeneous systems (ERP, WMS, SCADA, etc.) making integration processes extremely simple, regardless of the technological platform of the remote system.